Domiciliary care

Providing care in the comfort of your own home.

Mental health care

Enable people with mental health needs to fulfill their potential on a long term basis

Nursing staff

We provide well-trained mature nurses and care assistants for all your care needs.

Supported Living

We provide support to clients with learning difficulties


Providing care and companionship for specified times.

Mr J lives on his own in a maisonette. He is suffering from short-term memory loss and mild confusion, however whilst he can he wishes to remain in his own home.

There were several reports that Mr J would misplace things and forgetting to take his prescribed medication. As such, concerns were expressed for Mr J’s safety at night. His family live fairly locally and see their father as often as possible, but due to family commitment were unable to visit him all the time. It was therefore decided that Mr J needed someone to visit him in the morning, afternoon and late evening to ensure he takes his medication and the doors and windows were secure for his safety.

Gable Healthcare were commissioned to provide a package for 1 ½ hour’s daily to ensure Mr J takes his medication and doors and windows were secure, and all electrical appliances were safely off. The workers were also able to ensure that Mr J had eaten his meals and taken his prescribed medication. As we were able to provide excellent continuity of Care Worker, we were able to utilise our Care/Support Diaries to monitor if Mr J was showing any deterioration in his condition.

Mr J looks forward to the workers visiting daily in the evening to have a chat and see a friendly face; they are able to prompt him if he has forgotten his medications and ensure that he remains healthy. The visits also gives reassurance to Mr J’s family, knowing their father has been checked on daily and her home is secure. These factors allow Mr J to remain in her own home.